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Panentheism! What is that?

Today, panentheism is enjoying a phenomenal resurgence even though it never employs the term panentheism….(it is) well hidden by such terms as ‘Spiritual Formation’ and ‘Spiritual Disciplines’…the worldview of the myriads of versions of the New Age…

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Scazzero Scares Me

Scazzero’s mission is to introduce Catholic contemplative prayer and practice to evangelicals, avoiding the term Catholic but using “Contemplative Prayer”.

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Novelty and Change Will Lead Them

There exist today hundreds of people in Christian think tanks & agencies whose whole view of ministry is to promote & induce cultural change into the church.

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Leadership/Managerial Techniques “Transform” New Paradigm Churches

A number of popular, pace-setting, evangelical, managerial teachers have borrowed principles and techniques from the business community, making them the benchmark for anyone wanting to do relevant (transformational) ministry…the danger is that reliance upon them may unwittingly, or deliberately, supplant reliance upon the Word and Spirit to transform the Church.

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Truth or Consequences

Whether it be recognized or not, there is a huge integrity problem in the church today regarding who speaks for God.

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By Orrel Steinkamp
The Plumbline
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We desire to inform the body of Christ of a wide range of beliefs and practices current in the church today. We pray the information provided will (1) reveal the unbiblical nature of certain teachings and practices, and (2) turn hearts back to authentic biblical Christianity. We do not claim to know all things, but humbly serve the body of Christ. Plumbline has no subscription fee and relies on the donations of its readers to meet all expenses.

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