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Orrel Steinkamp

A Collection of The Plumbline Newsletters

Panentheism! What is that?

Have you ever heard of "panentheism"? It sounds a lot like pantheism but there are those two additional letters "en" inserted...

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Scazzero Scares Me

The Bridge across the Tiber back to Home Sweet Rome is now open for traffic The title and subtitle are metaphoric symbolism....

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Truth or Consequences

Whether it be recognized or not, there is a huge integrity problem in the church today regarding who speaks for God. Charles...

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By Orrel Steinkamp
The Plumbline
Used by Permission

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Orrel Steinkamp
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The Plumbline Purpose

We desire to inform the body of Christ of a wide range of beliefs and practices current in the church today. We pray the information provided will (1) reveal the unbiblical nature of certain teachings and practices, and (2) turn hearts back to authentic biblical Christianity. We do not claim to know all things, but humbly serve the body of Christ. Plumbline has no subscription fee and relies on the donations of its readers to meet all expenses.

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