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We would appreciate your support! There are four ways in which you can help support this online ministry:

1. Prayer Support

Most importantly, we ask that you pray for us, pray for those reading the content, and pray that God will receive glory.

2. Share Support

There is no better way to spread the content than to SHARE it! Send the link to a friend, family member, co-worker, loved one, etc. Share it on your Twitter or Facebook pages. The more hits this site receives, the more likely it will be that someone else will be able to find it.

3. Financial Support

There are expenses for maintaining this website. If you would like to help by supporting 4 Truth Ministry financially, you can donate through Paypal (click the button below). If you prefer to send a check, please contact us for our mailing information.

4. Book Support

You can also purchase and read our book Resolute!

Also, to write a review, go to Resolute on Amazon and scroll down to Customer Reviews and then click on the gray button that says “Write a Customer Review.” Thank you in advance!

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