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A Resource Guide for Christians

Just what you have been looking for! Here is a collection of tools and resources we hope are helpful in your Christian faith and walk. Please feel free to use these in your personal or group studies.

Resource Guide

What is the Gospel?
Explanation and Video Presentation
Why Consider Scripture?
Tool for Studying Scripture
False Movements
False Movements within the Church
Orrel Steinkamp
A Collection of The Plumbline Newsletters
A Study on Matthew 24
Matthew 24: The Unfolding of the End of the Age
The Importance of Discernment
Guide to Christian Discernment
Charles Spurgeon
Collection of Sermons
Famous Quotes
Quotes from Heroes of the Faith
Historic Creeds
Nicene Creed, Creed of Chalcedon, Athanasian Creed, and Apostles’ Creed
Historic Confessions
The Belgic Confession, London Baptist Confession, Westminster Confession, Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

The Gospel is the Good News of Jesus Christ!
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