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Parallel Themes in the Book of Daniel

By David Sheldon

June 02, 2020

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The Emerging Antichrist

As we consider what we read in the Bible about the end-times, we have many questions about the person called the Antichrist. What will he be like? When will he appear on the scene? Will he only be known during the end time tribulation? Or could...

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Babylon in Revelation

Most likely, ‘Babylon’ expresses figuratively all that is evil and in rebellion to God. However, there are several different aspects of that rebellion. Each one helps us to better understand all the evil that will come together against God at the end of this present evil age.

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The Great Harlot

As we shall see, the woman in chapter 17, the Great Harlot, is just the opposite. She symbolizes false faith that seduces toward worship of everything that is not God – prostituted religion.

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